VM racing factory tour and test day

VM racing factory tour and test day

Last weekend we went to Verona to visit VM racing Headquarters.
Where we got a big tour in the new and bigger store,
from the workshop that was all nicely organized to the test bench that was ready to add horsepower to the next race bike.

All VM racing special parts were discussed and explained by Matteo and his crew.
But also the NEW upcoming projects where shown and discussed.
VM racing is fully engaged in developing and testing new and existing products for the customer to guarantee the best quality.
So keep an eye on the site, FB and Instagram for the latest news.

And then the machine came

KTM SMR 450 aluminum frame by VM racing.
Completely converted to a race-ready supermoto.

with all VM racing special parts

VM racing dual braking system with 2 x 2 piston radial calipers and 270mm floating discs.
Mounted on radial fork feet with a custom offset (20mm) for supermoto.
Specially developed master cylinder to match the calipers to get the right brake modulation and stopping power.

Together with the VM racing triple clamps with adjustable offset, which completes the front end.

The VM racing aluminum frame.
Created and developed from scratch by VM racing.
Weighs 2.8 kg less than the original and is fully adjustable.
The development of this superbe KTM SMR 450 took over half a year.
In fact, it was June 2021 when VM Racing started the KTM project.


90mm headset made of solid aluminum with eccentric bushings and fully adjustable.
20mm forward and 20mm backwards and with which the rake tang can be adjusted.


Footrests are adjustable in several positions.
The frame is designed with supermoto specific stiffness, which I immediately felt on the track.

VM racing see through clutch cover

Test day on Ottobiano 

The first session was getting used and adapting to the bike.
But this didn't take long, the VM racing moto felt so natural and fluid and did everything you wanted.

After a few sessions, the pace picked up a bit. (given the circumstances: busy and cold)

I noticed that there was almost no vibration or chatter to feel, due to the good balance of the frame/bike.
In the corners the bike kept its line nicely, if you want to turn even shorter that was no problem the bike followed and did what you wanted.
I didn't have to work on the motorcycle everything went by itself end felt natural.

When braking into the corner i was able to go really deep and brake late without the bike making weird or unexpected jerks.
The motorcycle has little to no problem with wanting to come up when braking deep and hard in the corner.
(which I do experience on my personal bike 2 days later at the track)
There is a lot of feeling in the front brake, very light and controllable but very powerful without having to be uncomfortable to lose the front wheel.

Crazy bike to ride.

I want to thank Matteo and the VM racing team for the hospitality and the opportunity to experience this!



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