About us


Hello everybody and welcome to mdcparts.be

First of all let me introduce myself, I am  Michiel and I live in Belgium.
Like all of us I too have been fascinated by MX and Supermoto since my childhood.
What started on the street with a moped has grown into a passion to ride Supermoto on circuits all over Europe.
From Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain to Italy,
my friends and I have visited and tested all the major Supermoto tracks and thrive off these experiences.



After a lot of reading, listening and talking to people and sharing experiences, searching and trying parts out, here at MDCparts.be
wanted to do something with all that knowledge we have gathered.
Our focus is on helping people with parts, information and tips they can use to take their bike and riding skills to the next level.
No matter what the query, we will work hard to find a solution to help you, and learn something new ourselves.
And that is how mdcparts.be was born and what we stand for.

We have made an extensive selection that we would like to bring to you.
Supermoto parts that we believe in, at a competitive price and only the best quality.
Designed and made in Italy.

Everything has been tried and tested in the Italian competition
by VM racing who were crowned champions in the S2 class in 2021.
We are a proud official distributor of VMracing parts.

Some products have a minimum stock and are ordered as soon as we have received the order. Many products are also only manufactured at the time of order and therefore the delivery times of these products are often longer than usual.
We will keep you well informed by e-mail about the expected delivery date.
We can often deliver these products within 1-4 weeks from the time of order.


Michiel De Coninck
Valeer van kerkhovelaan 27,
Maldegem, België

VAT nr.: BE 0768 632 750
RPR Gent

Tel/ Whatsapp : +32496 17 80 71
E-mail: info@mdcparts.be