Tecstra supermoto swingarm

supermoto swing arm tecstra

Tecstra supermoto swingarm

Made of aluminium with milled center piece and rear wheel mountings. Welded together with side pieces of shaped aluminum

Supermoto swingarms are usually shorter. Standard setup is shortened from stock around 25mm. The distance between the front and rear wheel will be shorter which will allow the bike to have a smaller turning radius. This makes it easier to put your front wheel on the inside of your opponent in the corners.
Supermoto swingarms are wider than standard swingarm and will fit 17"x5.5 wheel. With Potentially better grip in part due to the enabled use of wider tyres.
Faster and easier wheel change, A wider swingarm makes the use of tyre warmers easier.

A swingarm built for supermoto will be stiffer (in the right places) than a swingarm built for MX/enduro.

Supermoto swingarms improves the grip, handling and feedback. More throttle while maintaining the grip in short or fast corners. More stable experience and no unexpected movements. predictable around the entire track. you can flick into corners faster and keep the rear wheel stable when closing the throttle and applying the brake.