Supermoto triple clamps supermoto supermotard Supermoto triple clamps
VM racing Supermoto triple clamps
  • 16mm or 22mm offset
  • 200mm wide
  • Makes it possible to mount radiale caliper (caliper/spoke clearance)
  • With new fork tube spacers and eccentric bushes fits on other bikes
Kit includes
  • Triple clamp plates
  • Eccentric bushes
  • Fork tube spacers
  • Handelbar mounts
  • Front axle and nut
  • Disc spacer
OEM steering stem and bearing needs to be press fitted in the eccentric bush

Increases trail, longer trail measurement gives greater caster effect, heavier and slower steering, and a more stable feel in a straight line.
Less offset often results in a bike that turns sharper and is more accurate.

200mm wide
Wider triple clamps provide more stable and sturdy front.
Radiale caliper
When you take the next step to brake even better, you can switch to a radial brake caliper, but with mx triple clamps that is not always easy. The biggest problem is the clearance between the caliper and the spokes, 
they can touch/rub, with all the consequences afterwards. With the 200mm wide triple clamps you have just a little more space to prevent this.