Accossato CNC radial caliper TITANIUM pistons

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Accossato CNC radial caliper TITANIUM pistons

  • Accossato CNC radial caliper
  • 4 TITANIUM pistons 34/38
  • 100mm or 108mm
  • Carbon compound brake pads

New Accossato Radial Caliper by VM Racing completely designed and developed with the experience of VM racing gained over the years of Supermoto competitions.

Entirely CNC machined made in Italy with hard anodizing.

Caliper body width of 64mm from the center of the fixing hole
(10mm narrower than the standard accossato caliper) to guarantee perfect assembly without milling or clearance issues on the spokes on all brands of rims / hubs / spokes in combination with radial adapter and brake disc spacer.

Ventilated TITANIUM pistons 34-38 diameter for great braking power but at the same time excellent modularity.

ZXC carbon compound are included.

22.5mm offset for the 108mm caliper and 30mm for the 100mm caliper.

compatible with 4.5 - 5 - 6 mm thick brake disc.

We guarantee compatibility with all brands of rims/hubs/spokes only when fitted with the VM RACING axial/radial adapter and wheel spacer.