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Solo 2 DL With ECU Connection

AiM Solo 2 DL is the most precise GPS lap timer with the ability to show you your lap time live as you ride. You are receiving data from two satellite constellations from anywhere globally by using GPS and Glonass, also giving you a significant improvement in data speed and precision positioning.

Start up time is reduced to seconds and lap times are accurate to within two-hundredths of a second.

Easy Connection

The Solo 2 DL can be connected to the vehicles ECU to obtain various data coming from the sensors you have fitted to your vehicle. Solo 2 DL manages all the hardware ECU connections and all the communication lines: depending on whether you want to connect to the ECU using the OBDII port or directly to the ECU through the CAN/RS232 channel. In the case that the particular ECU protocol is not supported you can connect the Solo 2 DL to an RPM coil which provides a digital input delivered by square wave or pulse signals.

The sampled data you record depends on the actual ECU. Still, it typically includes RPM, engine load, throttle position (TPS), oil, air, water temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, speed, gear and lambda value (air/fuel). The list of ECUs is constantly updated.

Add a SmartyCam HD/GP HD camera to create an even mightier system to help provide you with incredible videos that include all the technical information to help improve your performance.

Solo 2 DL gives instant speed; Live data and split times and predicted lap times.
The Solo 2 DL has a sharp, high contrast display which helps riders easily identify the data displayed on the screen. The Solo 2 DL also features a selection of 7 different backlight colours, which you can select to suit your requirements.


ECU connectiekabel CAN + RS232 included 

CAN/RS232 ECU Cable is your gateway to a seamless connection between your AiM Solo 2 DL and your vehicle's ECU. This cable not only facilitates data communication but also powers your Solo 2 DL. By connecting to the ECU via CAN or RS232, your Solo 2 DL gains access to vital vehicle data which can be invaluable for performance analysis and racing success.