DVR supermoto exhaust Husqvarna

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DVR supermoto exhaust Husqvarna

Designed and hand-built by DVR specifically for supermoto.
These exhausts are tested on each bike to provide the best performance and maximum peak power.
Tested by the best racers (Lukas Hollbacher, Petr Vorlíček, Micky Dymond, Tomáš Trávníček, Markus Class,.. etc.)

DVR double exhaust system allows an higher air flow output, ensuring the exhaust gas flows out more freely.
This results in more power compared to a single exhaust system, without exceeding the noise regulations.


  • Header Material: Stainless Steel or titanium
  • Silencers: 100% heat resistant carbon fiber
  • Long Service DVR silencers special heat resistant cotton 60-80 hours

the exhaust includes

  • Holder for the left side silencer
  • Chain cover DVR
  • Springs
  • Holder for the left side of the middle pipe on the cylinder head bracket
  • Carbon cover for the clutch hose
  • DVR stickers

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