RADIAL slipper clutch YAMAHA

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RADIAL slipper clutch

The Radial Clutch device is entirely made in Italy with the highest quality materials and is

  • Prevent rear wheel lock-up on braking and loss of grip
  • Facilitate braking and eases corner entry
  • Allow simultaneous downshifting of multiple gears without using the clutch lever
  • Adjust the incidence of engine brake in 4-strokes at will
  • Constant and precise lubrication of clutch plates
  • Extend clutch plate and oil maintenance schedules
  • Customization and setting of the Radial Clutch
  • Make the start from stop phase easy
  • Simple installation


The device is also easily adjusted by variable preloading of the primary springs.

Why do we have more load on the springs?

  • Less wear and tear on the disk pack
  • Recovery of dissipated power
  • Accurancy and consistency in the device setting

The device is designed to have steadiness and
precision of the discs by means of a forced lubrication system.

Clutches are supplied with steel plate kits as original equipment.
We always recommend the use of standard friction plates with the original OEM code indicated by the manufacturer.