SPS supermoto radial fork feet

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SPS supermoto radial fork feet

  • made and designed in Italy for supermoto
  • Billet aluminum and anodized
  • Designed for 108 mm caliper
  • 20 offset ideal for supermoto, which increases the trail and gives excellent agility.

Feet only

  • SPS radial feet

The kit includes:

  • SPS radial feet
  • Brake caliper bolts
  • Brake caliper spacers 300mm, 305mm, 310mm or 320mm
  • Front wheel axle 200mm 
  • Axle nut

Disc spacer is needed depending the bike en triple clamps.

Radial fork bottoms made of aluminum with 5-axis CNC.

Developed with 3d software to carefully calculate the forces to obtain maximum rigidity with the lowest weight. 

Designed for 108 mm caliper and 20 offset, a measure that has proved to be ideal over the years, which guarantees an increase in trail but at the same time excellent agility. Uniformed for mounting the wheel pin 25-20 mm.
Mount with fork guard Honda, Husqvarna FS or KTM SMR.