Starlane Stealth GPS 4 Lite

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Starlane Stealth GPS 4 Lite

Starlane's laptimers are known worldwide. The Stealth series uses two GPS satellites to determine the lap time as accurately as possible. With the software it is possible to load circuits on the Starlane Stealth GPS-4 Lite.

The advantage of the Starlane Stealth GPS-4 Lite is that you no longer need an (IR) beacon along the track. It works fully on GPS which makes it more accurate and you don't miss a single lap time.

This is the version without DATA, which means that you cannot analyze the completed laps in the Digirace-MMX software.

  • Elastic support kit
  • Dual Lock Adhesive strap fastening kit
  • Supply cable from 12V vehicle battery
  • 2 Plastic ties for USB socket fixing
  • User Manual