VM Racing SM triple clamp kit KTM HSQ GASGAS

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VM Racing SM triple clamp kit KTM HSQ GASGAS


After more than four years of success of the previous model,
VM Racing developed a new model with a completely renewed design,
maintaining the same robustness but with 300gr less than the 2022 model.

After countless tests carried out over the years, VM racing confirmed the ideal offset for supermoto is 16mm.

Plug and play assembly kit for your bike
Including wheel spacer and disc spacers to realign disc and front wheel, wheel axle specific for 200mm triple clamps with sliders and bearings already installed on the lower plate.

  • 16mm offset
  • 200mm wide
  • Makes it possible to mount radiale caliper (caliper/spoke clearance)


Kit includes:

  • triple clamps
  • steering stem
  • steering stem bearing
  • front wheel axle with sliders
  • brake disc bolts
  • wheel spacer
  • 4.5mm disc spacer

Compatible with

  • KTM : all models from 2016 
  • Husqvarna: all models from 2016 
  • GASGAS: all models from 2016 

Made for KTM Husqvarna Gasgas OEM handlebar mounts.

Also possible to purchase the risers compatible with the 2023 triple clamps (for all Cross ktm models) or use the stock risers of the enduro models that are also compatible.

Why super moto triple clamps?