VM racing 2023 race bike test

VM racing 2023 race bike test

Similar to last year, we went to Italy for a meeting with one of our suppliers: VMRACING.

We met at the OTTOBIANO supermoto circuit,
where Mateo big boss of VMRACING, was waiting for us with his new VMRACING KTM SMR 450 2023.

Different from last year's test day was that we also brought our own motorcycle and could test and compare back to back.
Which could give us an even better look at the difference in riding the VMRACING bike.


mdc parts vm racing allu aluminium frame

mdc parts vm racing ktm smr 2023 allu aluminium frame

VMRACING aluminum frame
The 2nd gen frame specially made for supermoto lighter and stiffer created and developed from scratch by VM racing.
Weighs less than the original and is fully adjustable
90mm headset made of solid aluminum with excentric bushings and fully adjustable.
20mm forward and 20mm backwards and with which the rake tang can be adjusted.

VMRACING SM triple clamps
200mm 16mm offset

VMRACING SM radial fork feet
radial 108mm mounting
20mm offset

VMRACING adjustable link
to adjust the rear height

New accossato caliper
4 pistons 34/38

Tecstra swingarm
Shorter and wider.

The test!
the first session the bike immediately felt natural and gave confidence and it just got better and smoother.

Switching back and fort from the VM bike to the MDC bike.
Immediately made me feel that there was still work to be done on the MDC bike.
If that even would be possible to come close to this feeling. 

  1. Stability: 
    Very stable when turning in and throwing the bike into a corner, and also gives a lot of confidence to push harder and more on every turn.

  2. Agility: 
    Doesn't run wide when exiting the corners.

  3. Ride Quality: 
    Almost no vibration or chatter to feel

  4. Weight Distribution: 
    good balance of the frame/bike when braking or accelerating 

  5. Frame Rigidity: 
    Under "serious" lean angle, no negative behavior when correcting, whether with extra throttle or extra brake the bike stayed smooth.


We want to thank Matteo and the VM racing team for the hospitality and the opportunity to experience this!



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